Benchmarking as promotional and transparency tool for intermodal transportation

E. Guis, I. Davydenko

Benchmarking is very important for a successful functioning of business. Benchmarking of intermodal transportation is important for companies that are using or considering using it, as well as for policy makers. First, the paper presents a structured approach to benchmarking of intermodal transportation, dividing transportation chain into three levels of abstraction and giving a classification for these levels. Each level is aimed at different groups of users and together they give a good presentation of the intermodal chain. Further, the paper presents the most important benchmarks for measuring parameters of intermodal transportation. Given the fact that collection of benchmarking data is not always possible, especially when there are undergoing infrastructure improvement projects, the reader is presented with a way of estimation of the most important benchmarks. The paper presents a benchmarking model for intermodal train transportation, which is used for estimation of costs, lead time and lead time variability for road and intermodal train transportation. The paper also presents the reader with a case of application of the model. Finally, the paper gives considerations on the ways of improvement of intermodal transport and on modeling power to facilitate infrastructure and policy making processes.

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