Orchestrated horizontal collaboration in transport and logistics – a cas study in the pharmaceutical industry

B.J. Vannnieuwenhuyse, R. Boute, R. Robberecht, S. Verstrepen, A. Van Breedam

The dense network of logistic flows in the Rhine-Scheldt delta creates various possibilities to bundle shipments. The awards winning collaboration project of the two global healthcare companies UCB and Baxter illustrates this market opportunity. Bundling their temperature controlled pharmaceutical flows to Eastern Europe enables full truck movements and intermodal (rail) transportation. Logistics service provider H. Essers operationalizes the bundled flows and provides the intermodal capacity. TRI-VIZOR acts as a neutral orchestrator and synchronises the shipments of both pharmaceutical companies in real-time. In this way TRI-VIZOR creates an innovative transport market of „carpooling for cargo?, in addition to the traditional groupage and freight forwarding.

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