A study into the economic, environmental, and traffic impacts of a Sunday driving ban for HGVs in the Walloon region

S. Maerivoet, T. Breemersch, O. Van Damme

14 out of the 27 countries of the European Union do not allow heavy goods vehicles to travel in their territories on Sundays, each by its own specific regulations. Among Belgium’s neighboring countries only the Netherlands have not taken such a measure, since Luxembourg and Germany followed the example of France on 1st May 1997. For many years Belgium has undergone the consequences of this situation. Although Heavy-Goods Vehicle (HGV) traffic is reduced on Sundays, vehicles in transit have been observed to accumulate on parking areas close to the borders, with excess arrivals occupying nearby entry slip roads, emergency stopping lanes, and other roads. An additional safety problem arises when all these vehicles resume their journeys as soon as the driving ban expires in the neighboring countries.

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