An analysis of how developments in the packaging industry will influence the dimensions of freight carriers

N. Meijer, J. Jansen, R. Pieters, S. Weijers, A. Woodburn

To what extent will trends in the packaging industry determine or influence the future dimensions of freight carriers? In this study we have identified these trends and studied the possible impact on the sizes of the truck of the future. It was part of a dissertation for the MSc programme in Logistics and Supply Chain management of the University of Westminster. This dissertation has been carried out within the context of the HTAS-EMS research project, in which amongst others MAN, University of Technology Eindhoven, TNO and HAN University of Applied Sciences cooperate to determine the requirements for the truck of the future. In this part of the project research was carried out to find out a possible influence of packaging on the requirement of Logistic Service Providers for the next generation of trucks.

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