A constraint programming approach for allocating berths and quay cranes at container terminals

R. Van Schaeren, S. Zampelli, Y. Vergados, W. Dullaert, B. Raa

Already many articles have been written on the berth allocation problem and the quay crane assignment problem (also called tactical berth allocation problem TBAP). As this problem has been proven to be NP-hard by many authors we propose a constraint programming approach for tackling this subject. Together with this new approach we offer sample datasets that can be used for benchmarking purposes. The paper is divided in a detailed description of the berth and quay crane allocation problem (section 2). In this section all relevant operational constraints are detailed together with references to the existing literature. How our model was implemented using constraint programming is described in chapter 3. Computational results are represented in chapter 4. Chapter 5 concludes this paper and gives suggestions for further research.

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