Value of time and other cost factors. A further improvement of the location analysis model for Belgian intermodal terminals

C. Macharis, E. Pekin, P. Rietveld

Intermodal transport, the combination and integration of several transport modes, with the use of loading units, is in most cases more environmentally friendly than unimodal road transport for the carriage of goods. The LAMBIT-model (Location Analysis Model for Belgian Intermodal Terminals) has been developed to analyse the market areas of intermodal terminals and potential ones. In the LAMBIT model, barge/road and rail/road intermodal chains can be compared to unimodal road transport within Belgium. In this paper we show how to include, next to market prices the value of time in the model and how to integrate other cost factors, such as congestion, the possibility to use the terminal as an empty depot function and the distance of the post haulage section.

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